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Meet our team


Principal designer

Jasmine McClelland

I never intended to be a designer and had commenced study for an entirely different career path when I realised I was already designing homes for friends and family (including regularly re-styling my own home much to my family’s frustration) and that this was my true passion.  With this recognition came the first steps towards the creation of what is now the Jasmine McClelland Design (JMD) studio, the realisation of a dream to create beautiful spaces that people love. 

I am passionate about design in all its forms and since embarking on my true vocation have become a multi-award winning designer having been featured in a range of publications including Inside Out, Home Beautiful and The Design Files. My motivation is to design rooms and homes that make my clients happy. This may be designing a new dream home or breathing life back into a pre-loved one, right down to designing a rug or even a cushion. The key is a perfect balance between function and aesthetics, a room that works and looks great will always be a joy.


Queen Bee

Barbra Trengove

My experience at JMD was originally as a client.  A few years ago my husband and I were ready for a new kitchen and after scouring the web and visiting kitchen retailers I was disillusioned in my search for something just a little bit different. By chance I met Jasmine who delivered on our brief of turning our mixture of travel experiences and love of cooking into the perfect kitchen. A year later my kitchen was a finalist in the HIA awards - and the rest is history.

As the JMD studio grew I came on board, initially thinking my work with Jasmine would be a small side-job.  However, as Jasmine’s work gained recognition that ‘side job’ has become an all-encompassing full time role and I am an integral part of her team.  As the Studio Manager I work with both Jasmine and clients, and love every minute helping clients realise their home design and decorating dreams.



I’m an experienced account/project manager with a demonstrated history of working in creative industries. I’m skilled in social media, web analytics and event management. My role involves all around support to the JMD team and since coming on board in Feburary of 2018, my drive has been to passionately promote and share the JMD design philosophy with our clientele and the wider design community.



I am an Interior Design Graduate from RMIT, intrigued by the role that interior spaces play in our daily lives, and the ways in which our lives are intrinsically shaped by the spaces we inhabit. My focus is residential design and a desire to create beautiful spaces that are driven by a foundation of functionality. I also have a passion for photography and am continually inspired by the role this plays in capturing designs.

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