Cult Cinema & Bar

Our collaboration with Cult Cinema and Bar transformed a beautifully built (albeit fluourescently lit) mechanics institute, in the heart of Brunswick, into a retro-trendy night spot where locals and cinephiles alike, could enjoy a cocktail and a ticket to a cult cinema classic.

The fluros were replaced with warm lighting and an eclectic assortment of furniture created perfect spaces to share a drink or movie critique with friends. Designing a pop-up has its challenges as everything bought for this incarnation will be used in different spaces in the future. Things need to be portable and easy to store, whilst still being interesting and unique.

We were so excited to be part of this project and the challenge of creating soulful fun, that was here only briefly, except in the memories of those who seized the moment and enjoyed it!

Cult facade

Cult seating

Cult bar and table

Cult table close-up

Cult high table

Cult tables

Cult wall features

Cult cinema interior

Cult neon sign

Cult bar

Cult bar service

Cult negroni