Jasmine McClelland

I’m passionate about design in all its forms. It inspires and motivates me to do greater things. I also love making my clients happy, whether that’s building and designing their new dream home or breathing life back into a pre-loved home, right down to designing a rug or even a cushion. I believe good design brings great well being for all who see and experience it. This combined with great customer service.



For me, Graphic Design is it. I absolutely love it.

Communication, typography, colour and form are aspects of art that I have always been drawn to, long before I had any idea what ‘graphic design’ was. I get such satisfaction from working with clients to create designs that really suit their needs. The basis for our success comes from working collaboratively with our clients to understand what it is they need to communicate.


Barbra Trengove

I love my role assisting Jasmine and Niama at JMD. How did I become involved with JMD, well that’s easy to explain – a few years ago, my husband and I were ready for a new kitchen. I scoured the kitchen magazines, the internet, researched at the library and visited some nearby kitchen retailers. I was disillusioned as I searched for something just a little bit different. By chance, I met Jasmine and we connected immediately, the rest is history. Jasmine delivered exactly our brief and more. She was able to convert our mixture of travel experiences and love of cooking into one kickass kitchen. A year later it was a finalist in the HIA awards and as Jasmine’s business grew I offered to help.

It has been an amazing ride so far as Jasmine’s work gains recognition through awards and publications and word of mouth spreads. Alongside the great design Jasmine and Niama produce in collaboration with our clients we pride ourselves on our customer service. We know communicating information and progress is ‘gold’ to our clients. This is where I come in, assisting Jasmine and Niama co-ordinate and deliver the finished product to our valuable customers. And the highlight for me apart from working with two beautiful people is hearing the stories of families finding joy in their new JMD spaces. As I said at the beginning, I love my role at JMD.